Educating Kids On Concrete Formliners and Foundation Repair

understanding different types of foundationMost schools teach our kids about academic works such as mathematics, language, social studies and history.  Most schools don’t teach kids about the functions the basic skills above allow them to branch into.

Take for example the design patterns on the concrete walls of freeways.  Or the emblems etched in concrete alongside concrete barrier walls that shield homes alongside the feeders of freeways.  These are known as formliners, produced by formliner companies such as Custom Rock Formliners.

In a vertical niche such as the mortgage industry for example, the use of programming and mathematics enable engineers that work for these firms the ability to write crm software.  Thus software companies strive to build the best mortgage crm software to earn the business of popular mortage companies that help utilize these tools in their day to day point of sale and customer database records.

Alongside the formliner industry, there’s also a close cousin of concrete contracting services.  That is the works of a metal contractor.  Most metal developers work for construction companies for the use of their precious metals such as bronze.  Bronze is used in many ways mainly as an assembly component of a bigger structure.

With any construction project, the long term effects are foundation issues such as cracked concrete or cracked slab which leads to foundation repairs.  If you’re looking for a good foundation repair company, contact East Houston Foundation repair. Both are Houston based concrete repair contractors and both are highly qualified for both commercial and residential foundation repair work.

Worshipping strange idols, counting the people, an important question, and a new leader – see what’s happening this week in the wilderness.

Hello.  My name is Eliav, but everyone just calls me Eli.  I am nearly nine years old, and I’ve lived all my life in the wilderness here.  But my grandfather, Joshua, tells me that we will soon be entering the land of Canaan, the land that G-d promised to us.

Not more idols!

Do you know Joshua?  He is one of Moses’ most trusted friends.  I help Grandfather a lot, and he tells me some of what’s happening in the camp, more than a lot of people know.  For example, did you know that the plague we just had was because of some people starting to pray to the Moabites’ gods?  All sorts of people are dying, and Moses has told everyone that anyone trying to get people to worship these idols is to be executed.  Pretty scary, isn’t it?  I also just heard that the plague ended when Pinhas, who was Aaron’s grandson, killed some of the people involved.  It didn’t sound too good to me, but G-d told Moses that if not for Pinhas, G-d would have destroyed the whole people of Israel.  That’s really not good.  In fact, G-d was so pleased with how much Pinhas trusted and believed in G-d, that Pinhas and his descendants will be the priests of Israel forever.

Now that the plague is over, Moses wants to recount everyone.  He and Eleazar, the new high priest, are taking a census, just like they did with Aaron way back when everyone first left Egypt.  I don’t really know anyone who remembers Egypt.  Almost everyone who was grown-up then has died here in the wilderness.  Only Moses, Caleb, and my grandfather, Joshua, were there.